Albergo Diffuso Dolomiti di Forni di Sotto

Snow White: Forni di Sotto between its Dolomite; the seven dwarfs: the members of the company of the “Coop. Forneze”, who work in the Alpine Valley; we are firmly convinced that owning a treasure and locking it in a strongbox doesn’t enhance the value of our loot; that’s why we decided to unlock the chest to let as many people as possible know about our little paradisiac place, which belongs to thw World Natural Heritage-UNESCO.

Here you have the composition of Albergo Diffuso Dolomiti Forni di Sotto


Our albergo diffuso consists of 12 accomodations, dislocated within a few metres in the middle of the little country and afferent to a main building provided with a wellness centre (OPENING: AUGUST 2015!), which is our reception. each vacation-flat was once part of old worlde big dwellings restored respecting the architecture of the mountain environment; they are inspired by the Spontaneousness, the maidservant of the Necessity and we must say that they are not lacking in tastefulness. the accomodations are delicately furnished in order to put you at ease as if you were at home, not forgetting to supply you with the same comfort of a hotel. We are like a ordinary hotel: (booking, infos,…) and we are located in the high Tagliamento Valley, in Carnia, a place of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.